School Counselor

 School Counseling Vision Statement:

Students participating in Rosemont Elementary School's comprehensive school counseling program actively use their advocacy skills and abilities to further themselves and use self-discipline and self-control in social, emotional, and academic activities. Their critical thinking skills allow for adapting and overcoming obstacles in educational endeavors, career paths, and life goals, ensuring their success. Students from our school have firm growth mindsets, persevere, are empathetic, and resilient. They secure equity for all and embrace cultural diversity and are ready at their maximum potential to establish themselves as promising contributors to our society.
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School Counseling Mission Statement:

The mission of the Rosemont Elementary Schools counseling program is to provide access to a comprehensive data-driven program to every student; to promote each student’s personal/social, academic, and career growth; to advocate for schoolwide equitable academic opportunities; to create a nurturing school environment through collaborative partnerships with schoolstaff, parents, and the community. Through participation, students will become lifelong learners and responsible, productive, and successful citizens.

Contact Information & Resources

Jamie Wyss
Full-time Counselor [email protected]
Twitter: @jamie_wyss

Sylvia Diaz-Bowman
Part-time Counselor (Tuesday/Thursday) [email protected]

Sheryll Green
Military Family Life Counselor (Thursday/Friday) [email protected]

School counselors can be reached at 757-648-3630.
School counseling website full of student & parent resources, activities and videos:
School Counselor Website